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Site To Do

  • change pwds!!!
  • when downloading PDF, file opens in the same window.
    • These errors happened on Mikes compu(OSX 10.5+ safari), this does not happen on mine using Firefox, MacosX (AdJ)
    • I guess this has to do with my computer. It just opens as it is supposed to do, so leave it as it is.
    • Michael: Indeed, this is a function of the browser and how it has been configured (or tweaked by the user) to handle PDF's. If it opens "in the browser" that's a "feature" of the browser. Some people prefer it that way -- You could consider making a page / section on a help/faq page to discuss this if users of the site find it confusing.
  • after a search you end up at a search page with options. the header of this page is the same as the header of the homepage (namely "WELKOM"). i can not change the pagetitle myself into "SEARCH" because when i try to edit, i'll return to the homepage.
    • Yes, pmwiki searches are done "on top" of a regular page -- it's a bit strange -- but it means that when you search, you will see the title (header) of the page from which you searched. I don't see a quick solution to turn this off -- and you can see the same behaviour on the "official" pmwiki site.
  • the page becomes broader than usual in the 'history' section
  • add a disclaimer (i forgot, sorry) in the footer next to the creative commons notion with the txt: "WORM is niet verantwoordelijk voor de gevolgen van het gebruik van aangeboden informatie."
    • For aesthetic reasons: please one enter between cc notion and this disclaiming sentence
  • i liked the clickable creative commons licence instead of "bekijk licentie"
  • footer toevoegen aan 'print versie'
  • the 'samenvatting' option in the editing page for tagging is not working (i guess). when you type in a word, it disappears after submitting.

The samenvatting field is used to describe a particular edit and is shown (only) in the History view (in the gray bar above each edit). It is not for tagging.

  • 'bekijk' button in the editing page is nog working.

The "preview" of a page appears below the edit area.

  • i can not find the codes to insert spaces between words in page titles with more words. help!

You use the (:Title Page Title Here :) code in the page itself.

  • adding longer page titles or adding to pages that have long page titles results in a broader 'RECENT CHANGES' column on the homepage, making the first column disappear (see current homepage for the effect). because there is already a 'recente wijzigingen' button in the menu, please remove the 'RECENT CHANGES' section from the homepage. i'd prefer to have the possibility to add a picture.

A. Dit kon je ook zelf doen Mike, gewoon met de 'edit' de text weghalen.

  • make the search field a bit bigger.

Increasing the size breaks the layout in Internet Explorer. so addressing this issue would involve a more thorough look at the site template and some coordinated action between Arjen / Michael.

  • Ok, then leave it as it is (MvG).
  • the 'subtitle' of the website (i.e. the one that appears in google) should be: "Download gratis documenten, formulieren, contracten, reglementen, statuten, procedures, rekensystemen uit de koker van WORM's Amazing Bureaucracies"

set text as meta description, mm

  • Exactly, thanks for helping me out;-)
  • and it would be great if the WORM icon in the cc licence could be the icon in the address field (url field of the browser) A: you mean the FAV ICON.
    • Exactly, thanks for helping me out;-)
  • open links (like f.e. the one leading to the creative commons licence) in a new screen.
  • is it possible to send notifications by mail if people have uploaded stuff?

The pmwiki software does support e-mail notification -- but for all changes, not just uploads.

  • Can you install email notification for all changes towards the emailaddress, please? OK, done
  • Moved ToDo page to "Site" group, to prevent from appearing in Recent Changes on Home
  • a picture test - set width 170 px (?)

but nb: the .col2 rule currently does not set a width, so it depends on the size of the image / text in the floating "column".

  • background color #333333, like background image + tile vertical.

Background tiles now properly, I don't understand where #333333 is desired, as a "page background" it makes the black body text illegible.

  • some space on the right between the edge of the page and the content elements (like text and little 'edit' menu)
  • clean up the search page (content: mike/ search result: michael)I created an extra page that contains the search help text -A-
  • make the footer like in the example i send? so the icons are visually lined under the menu, and the footer has a white line above it?
  • download buttons, or as michael suggested; document icons for pdf, word etc.
  • after these points: options for search function, and/or pdf preview (Michael)
  • xml output for site index? (Michael)
  • I would like to embed a youtube movie, that we will make especially for it seems to be possible: you have a look? If it is to complex, leave it as it is. Other option would be to place a movie instead of embedding?


  • Protection from spammers would be nice for the email addresses to be published. Can you implement the ad-on?

  • Be sure to write your emails with double-square brackets. IE:
  • Passwords and access: I would like to open the wiki more than planned, so that users can add items by themselves. Because a wiki is supposed to be a wiki... But:
    • only the webmaster has the possibility to undo actions through history page
    • webmaster (through gets notifications of uploads
    • no access for third parties in the following sections: home, over openorg, contributie, recente wijzigingen. printversie, history.
  • There is a terrible spelling mistake in the background. It says dowload now! (see on the richt side) instead of dowNload now! Arjen will deliver a new background.
  • I need to upload a few zip files with mainly pics in it. But getting this message: "BESTAND IS GROTER DAN HET MAXIMUM VAN $UPEXTMAX BYTES VOOR BESTANDEN VAN HET 'ZIP'-TYPE"

ZIP files can now be 10MB

  • Special PmWikiNl/TipsForEditing below editing page in style. See attachment for content.


!! Questions regarding passwords / access

pmwiki's notion of access works simply with a set of passwords that can set at various levels (site, "group" of pages, or an individual page.).

From the PMWiki site:

->PmWiki password protection can be applied to an entire site, to groups of pages, or to individual pages. Password protection controls who can read pages, edit pages, and upload attachments.

  • only webmaster has permissions to edit lemma's, upload, start subjects. later on permissions can be given to trusted third parties.
  • is there a webmaster account with what you can acces 'standard info' on the page? or give restricted permissions or personal username and pwd to people to acces? i would like f.e.:
    • to change PmWikiNl/TipsForEditing on the editing page below, or;
    • where it says 'pwd required' i would like to add contactinformation for people that want to contribute.
    • maybe give people acces to upload information, but not give them my pwd.
    • change my own pwd.